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60 acres for sale in Quebec Canada
fishing lake private in quebec canada

Private fishing cottage with a big speckle trout lake for sale in the province of Quebec, Canada. 100% private, 60 acres, 5 room cottage. Minutes from Ski mountains. 20 minutes from Mirabel International airport

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Fishing lodge for sale in quebec 

Private lake for sale speckle

What a real dream come true for any real trout fisherman! We are selling the best fishing place north of Montreal, only an hour away from an international airport and 20 minutes from Mirabel airport. This private fishing camp was the family's retreat in the summer. In this place, nature and man make one. This is a mountain speckle trout lake (Head-water) totally surrounded by an acre of trees, privacy is 100% guaranteed! Swimming is great, even nude as there are no neighbours and you can do whatever you want! The water is pure and big BIG speckle trout live in the lake. The lake is pretty big (see pictures below). It was a fishing camp at the beginning of the 20th century and then kept private since 1925. But it is more than just a fishing camp, it is really a nice cottage. Also, the trees surrounding the speckle trout lake and fishing camp are mature. Deers and moses live nearby, there might be some bears and wolves because this area is one of the last large untouched forest that was kept private near the cosmopolitan city of Montreal. It's only about and hour from Montreal Quebec, Canada. 
fishing lodge fishing for sale speckle trout in quebec canada
Did we mention... there are no poisonous snakes and no poisonous spiders.
The province of Quebec is one of the only places in north america with no poisonous snakes. 

All the land surrounding the speckle trout lake and the fishing camp for sale is own by us so nobody can reach the water without trespassing, nobody has right of way to the water. There is only one cottage on the private lake and it is ours (for sale). It is in good condition and there have been repairs on the roof recently. Privacy is GUARANTEED.
private trout lake for sale in canada quebec
The complete property including all the land and the cottage / fishing camp is about 60 acres (maybe more). It will be surveyed before selling. There is an approximative 30' X 30' cottage / fishing camp with a verandah 5 feet from the lake. Part of the charm of this place is the lack of electricity, it makes it a special place with peace of mind. But one could bring it there since the last electricity pole isn't that far away.  There are 5 rooms in the cottage and its equipped with propane gaz, as it is usually the case in those fishing lodges. Electricity is about 2 miles away. If there was electricity it wouldn't be the same place. Also there is a small fire stove. There is a out house and there is a nice 20' by 20' patio 5 feet from the water. Of course there are a few stains of wine on it (!). This is where we watch the sunset. It's incredible dead on at the end of the lake in the summer! Concerning the black flies and the mosquitoes this area is blessed from God since there's only 3 weeks of that plague, from about June 1st to June 20th. The access to the lake is 3 seasons. In the winter, the road plowing ends one mile from the property. However, if one would build a permanent residence, the municipality would be obliged to open the road year around because the public road is verbalized (legal french term meaning that this road serves principal properties). The land is large enough that one could build a few houses close by the public road and see the lake at the same time. The access to the lake is from a right of way road that ends on the property. Once on the property our private road is not completed. There's about 1000 feet to walk between the parking and the cottage or one can go by boat from the car to the cottage. This 1000 feet was bulldozed but no gravel was laid, it would cost about 2000$ to have it graveled.. If you want a total private road, this could be done easily as the property goes across the public road. Actually a separate piece of land was purchased for that purpose, it is included in sale (see map below). 
fishing private lake for sale canada quebec
Property is located in an English-French community. Lachute city is 15 minutes away, it's a town where one can pick up groceries and other stuff. Morin-Heights is 15 minutes in the opposite direction, this is a winter alpine ski reserve. Montreal is about an hour away from the property. The province of Ontario is about 45 minutes from the property. The International Airport of Mirabel is about 25 minutes away from the property. The property is located in the municipality of Gore, in the province of Quebec, Canada and taxes are astonishing 250$ US per year!!! 

private speckle trout lake for sale canada quebec

Concerning the lake, there are no plague fishes, no crappies, no bass, no pikes, no walleye, this is a TROUT LAKE! Depth is around 12 to 20 feet and is fed by natural spring so you don't receive water from other lakes. You have the control of the water. Trout (speckle trout) is not abundant but... it's BIG!  We used to stock the lake with trouts every spring to make sure we have enough fun. For 500$ a year you have plenty of trouts! We used to buy them at one pound and didn't give them the chance to grow. Hunting was not our family's passion but one can hunt on the surrounding lands with permission can be given easily by the other land owners. 

Price is $888,000ca

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Looking from the end of the lake at the cottage

A shot of the private lake's side, many big mature trees are there, big mature mapple trees also

The fishing camp is more of a 3 season cottage. It has a  fireplace and verandah and very nice patio

Another shot of the fishing lodge as you can see it is right next to the private lake

Again looking at the other side of the lake. Conifers and leafy trees are in the forest around the lake.

The water is great since it is a speckle trout as these creatures cannot live in polluted waters

Looking  at the end of the lake is great after a day of fishing on the lake

Another shot from the cottage looking at the end of the lake on a sunny day

On a rainy day, looking from inside the verandah of the fishing lodge / cottage.

Another sunset from the fishing cottage lodge. Sunsets are never the same making them unique

Looking at the end of the lake. The private fishing lodge is left of the picture, click on it to see it.

View from plane. This is the best trout lake in the area. It is a spring trout lake. It feeds others lakes.

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private speckle trout lake for sale in Quebec Canada acres of land speckle trout lake fishing for sale